In the Christmas Spirit

Trimming the Tree

This year we’re having Christmas at home. I got inspired by my little goons trimming the tree.

For most of the past 10 years we’ve celebrated Christmas somewhere other than our home. So every Christmas we’ve bought a tiny live tree that we decorate. One year we even used a branch for a charlie brown-kinda tree.

This year we bought a full size Christmas tree and we decorated it early. I’m one of those people who used to think putting up lights on December first was too early, but, with all the stuff coming up for school and holiday prep I decided to do the decorating ASAP.

I sat back on the sofa to take a break from decorating and to watch the kids do the decorating themselves.
Inspiration hit me, so I picked up the scratch piece of paper I’d used earlier for dealing with the dryer (that’s part of the Whirpool service hotline you see there) and quickly set down this week’s Christmas sketch.

He’s not doing the twist, I just couldn’t quite his far away leg. So, later, before I redrew him, I sketched out just his bottom to get it right.

Some color pencils, a little scanning, a little digital pixel dust and here’s the final:

Trimming the Tree