Clip Studio Paint's Color Feature Demo

I recently updated my copy of Clip Studio Paint to 1.8.5 and was reading the release notes when I noticed a new feature called colorize, which is part of their Technology Preview features.

It’s a pretty neat feature that essentially lets you color in an image quickly by simply specifying rough areas of color under an image outline layer.

In the first two minutes of this video I’ll walk through a quick colorize process using a predrawn outline layer and an already blocked in color layer. After that I’ll color in the same outline but creating the color roughs from scratch while talking about some things to keep in mind when placing the color hints.

The command itself doesn’t perform the image analysis on your computer. Instead, it has to send the image to Clip Studio Paint’s servers, where the analysis occurs and then in the end you get a color layer in your file that you can then edit.

I will probably be using it to create a quick color base layer that I can take further.

Since this is a Technology Preview feature, I’m assuming there will be further development until it’s just part of the application. I hope it stays available in the regular edition as well as the pro and other CSP editions.

Hope you enjoy the video!