About Robert

Hi! I’ve been drawing and sketching since I was a tiny little goon. Take a look at my work and please contact me if you’d like to hire me, or, if you just want to say hi. Just send me an email to hi@robertxcadena.com.

So, how do I work?

Simple, usually we chat about the project, the overall goal, and then I start working on some thumbnail compositions. We go back and forth on these until there’s one we both agree on and then I refine it a bit further. Of course, during all this we might be talking colors and style, and that will all be roughed in the thumbnails and sketches. Then, off to work on the final one.
Revisions are a fact of life, so, if the project is digital from start to finish, then easy! If it started life in traditional media, no sweat! The final product is digitized anyway, and we can usually work something out on the computer while keeping the traditional feel. So, let’s get started!