• Quick Portrait: Ana Saia

    I get a lot of “latino” humor reels pushed to me on Instagram and, I actually like that. It’s fun. One of them was Instagram personality Ana Saia who does these kinda funny reels. In one of these she makes these really great extreme faces which I think are really cool to draw. So, I took a screen cap and tried it out. I might use this same reaction in some larger illustration where maybe the character is fighting someone or struggling in some way. Time lapse after the drawing.

    Here’s the time lapse. By the way, this took maybe one hour or so while listening to an episode of the Comic Lab podcast, which I recommend not only if you enjoy comics but also if you just like listening to people have a fun time while chatting.

  • Red Wall: Matthias and Constance

    I started re-reading Red Wall and, of course, was inspired to paint Matthias and Constance ready to battle Cluny the Scourge.

    Digital illustration of the characters Matthias and Constance from Redwall.  Matthias is pulling his sword out of the scabbard and constance stands behind him, arms on her hips.

    Here is the time lapse.

    You can see that I switched from one style of painting to more of a watercolor style. I’m trying to settle on a painterly style that looks more stylized and traditional. This is my first try.

    I painted this in Krita, my favorite Open Source painting software.

  • Copying the Masters – Death Dealer by Frank Frazetta

    Every so often I take a painting from an artist I admire and try to copy it. This helps me understand the problems they encountered while making it and then figure out how I would solve them. It’s also fun.

    Here I’ve copied one of the masters of Fantasy Art, Frank Frazetta.

    Music by Michael-DB.

  • NASA Perserverance Image Data

    I wrote this Jupyter Notebook to query, load, and manipulate images from the NASA Perseverance Raw Image Pipeline. Feel free to copy and use to explore. Here’s a colorized image from Sol 2.

  • Missing Sounds of New York: An Auditory Love Letter to New Yorkers

    This collection of audio landscapes that you’d hear around New York was released near the beginning of the 2020 covid-19 pandemic, when the city was on lockdown. Created by the New York City Public Library and the creative agency Mother New York. Go Listen →

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